• Name: Cable Grips
  • Model: 1-3-001
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Cable Grips / Hoisting Cable Grips
As an experienced and professional dealer in cable grips business. we know Chinese cable grips / hoisting cable grips makers well and have good business relationship with some of them.
We can supply you stainless steel and hot dip galvanized steel cable grips with various sizes and shapes for different usages, for industrial pulling of electrical cables and for underground & industrial plant wiring and re-wiring.
First we will confirm cable grips' quality in details including labels and packages, then we will try to offer you competitive prices to ensure you have strong advantages in your market. Thirdly, our good service will make the business sound, smooth and swift for you.
Furthermore, we can help you develop new items not only in cable grips, cable socks, but in many other ones. We help each other grow!